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Founder, Debbie Wolpov

Debbie Wolpov is President and CEO of MerX Payments, your Xpert Payment Xchange. Prior to creating MerX Payments, Debbie worked for and continues to partner with Premier Payments, formerly Newtek, along with a variety of merchant service providers. Debbie manages hundreds of accounts, billing hundreds of millions in receipts, saving collectively 10’s of thousands of dollars a month in (mismanaged) merchant services.

Passionate about community service, Debbie is an active member of the Morris County Chamber of Commerce serving as the Chairperson of the Women in Business Program and a member of the Board of Directors and a 2018 Leading Women Entrepreneur 2018, and a ____at Porzio Bromberg. Debbie is a frequent volunteer, marathoner, triathlete, wife, and mother of two.